Final Summary: Anthropometric Determinants of 2000 Meter Time Trial Performance in Rowers

Overall, I believe that my research project was a success. I initially planned to investigate the validity of weight adjustment in the sport of rowing. However, due to the high number of variables involved, I opted for a simpler question. I instead chose to investigate the correlation between body composition and rowing performance. After collecting […]

Update 3: Data Analysis of Rowing Study

I analyzed my data using Pearson’s correlation coefficients between the muscle and fat mass of different regions and time trial performance. The initial results were extremely variable and inconsistent with previous study findings. I then compared the performance times found during lab testing and performance in a race setting and found the race performance times […]

Update 2: Data Collection on Rowing Research

To collect my data I ran max tests and performed body scans on members of the William and Mary Rowing Club. I first confirmed the safety and eligibility of participants. Participants were regularly participating in high-intensity exercise to ensure their safety; they also could not have other risk factors determined by the 2018 Par-Q+ screening […]