Wrapping Up

website banner

Well I am disappointed that I was not able to get more traffic on my website.  In large part because I failed to ever get enough of a critical mass of normal users as well as people submitting articles to warrant more than one or two visits to the website.  I am very pleased about […]

Week 6-7

I enjoyed building my website so much these past seven weeks.  During this time I learned a huge about how websites work, but have still barely touched the surface.  At this point I have 31 accounts registered on the website, and while I have continued to get regular traffic, it has definitely declined over time.  […]

Week 5 Update: “Fully” Functioning

I finally have a fully functioning website!  New users can easily register in less than a minute.  Once registered, they can submit articles for the website.  Also by registering, they can submit comments on articles or they can just submit comments by giving their email without having to create an account.  The whole login set […]