Final Post: Summary and Results

Over the course of the summer, I analyzed the data collected during the Fall 2016 Omnibus Project in order to address my main research┬átopic, the effect of politicized Facebook posts on partisan polarization. Overall, my analysis provided modest support for my main hypothesis that political content on Facebook contributes to partisan polarization. While the political […]

Blog Post 3 – Wrapping Things Up

Given the nature of my lab work, there is never really a definitive end to my project. There are always new ideas to be explored and implemented throughout the school year. However, given that the summer research session does end definitively, I feel compelled to wrap up the major threads I have been working on, […]

Operationalizing Political Knowledge

In political science, we often rely on self-reported survey data┬áto operationalize many variables, common examples including political ideology and partisanship. Self-report data is not perfect (it is essentially using a participant’s impression of themself, or the impression they want to share, as a proxy for what they actually think), but it is usually sufficient for […]