Blog Post 3 – Wrapping Things Up

Given the nature of my lab work, there is never really a definitive end to my project. There are always new ideas to be explored and implemented throughout the school year. However, given that the summer research session does end definitively, I feel compelled to wrap up the major threads I have been working on, […]

Operationalizing Political Knowledge

In political science, we often rely on self-reported survey data to operationalize many variables, common examples including political ideology and partisanship. Self-report data is not perfect (it is essentially using a participant’s impression of themself, or the impression they want to share, as a proxy for what they actually think), but it is usually sufficient for […]

Reliving the 2016 Election via Facebook Posts

As part of the Fall 2016 Omnibus Project, I asked student participants to find and submit screenshots of Facebook posts pertaining to the presidential election. One of my primary summer research goals is to turn this eclectic sample of images into usable data, and to do so in a replicable manner.  Thus, I created a coding […]