Gender in SF: A Summary

I am finishing up my paper and drawing my final conclusions. In my paper, I decided to take out Woman on the Edge of Time. It was just the kind of book I was looking for – a utopian society that uses gender-neutral pronouns. But when I really started digging, there just wasn’t enough. Mattaposett is […]

Gender Pointers and Binaries

I am almost done with my project. I have a substantial draft completed for my cumulative paper, and I am excited to revise and tweak it until it says the things I really want to say, and the things I think are really important. I’ve decided to use Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr.’s concept of “fictive neologies” as […]

Using Formal Elements to Reaffirm Meaning

I’ve just about finished my reading list. I read Sphinx (Anne Garréta), Noughts and Crosses (Malorie Blackman), The Argonauts (Maggie Nelson), and Triton (Samuel R. Delany). I’m almost done with The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction (Istvan Csicsery-Ronay Jr.), a critical work that aims to define what makes science fiction science fiction. I purposely steered […]