More than Ministers: Concluding My Research on the Chaplaincy

This summer and this research went by very quickly! It’s pretty amazing to look at a completed and polished 50 page paper and remember how it all started with a simple idea. When I initially conceived this idea almost a year ago, I didn’t realize it would lead to a much larger project. As I […]

Checking in on the Chaplaincy: Update #3

I can’t believe there’s only one more week left of my research on the military chaplaincy! This research got it’s start last fall, when I was taking a class on religion and war in America, and the intersections of church and state. I started wondering how religious chaplains fared in secular environments, and that question […]

Checking in on the Chaplaincy: Amazing Stories of Courage

Hello again, here’s another friendly update on my research on military chaplaincy and its links with mental health! Initially, when I started this research I was counting on only finding more study-based papers from academic journals. As I’ve been collecting research, from books, journals, videos, and across many types of media, one thing that struck […]