Carl Lasker – 7/22/18 Over the past few weeks, I adjusted my focus from Twitter users’ reactions to athlete protests to the athletes themselves. I began this part of my project by combing through the Twitter accounts of every American NBA starter and compiling their tweets mentioning political keywords from 8/1/17-10/31/17 into a dataset. I […]

Accessing Tweets New and Old

Carl Lasker – 6/21/18 Over the past two weeks, I put my new data collection skills to work. First, I successfully live-streamed a sample of tweets mentioning the key word “White House” following the Philadelphia Eagles’ decision not to visit the White House after their Super Bowl victory and LeBron James’ comment that the winner […]

Greetings from POLNET 2018!!!

Carl Lasker – 6/7/18 With the help of Professor Settle, I attended the Schar School of Policy and Government’s 11th annual Political Networks Conference at George Mason University. The conference included two days of training workshops covering introductory and advanced topics in network analysis with applications to political science. At the conference, I was able to […]