Post Three: Application

Having established the Apocalypse of John as an appropriate case study and MLS as an appropriate means of study, it is now possible to move onto a thorough examination of the text itself. The Apocalypse of John, like all apocalypses, was written during a time of turmoil and was meant to address widespread anxieties. It […]

Post Two: History of Apocalypticism

Having chosen an appropriate paradigm of biological study (MLS), I have moved on to exploring the history of apocalypticism. As I have learned, the easiest manner of articulating this complex tradition is through a discussion of three similar but distinct terms: apocalypse, apocalyptic eschatology, and apocalypticism. Religious scholars such as John J. Collins and Paul […]

Post One: Identifying an Appropriate Biological Paradigm

To begin my Monroe research I have conducted research on various theoretical models that could be used to analyze religion. The two major theories that are often cited as possible candidates are Kin Selection (KS) and Mulitlevel Selection Theory (MLS). Quantitatively the two theories are formally equivalent. However, they suggest very different causalities, so I […]