Project Summary

Chronology I will start with a brief overview of my project. I started out Spring Semester 2016 with filing my paperwork and submitting an IRB based off of the MANOS IRB but specific to my project. Upon approval, I began talking with my advisor as well as Professor Maliniak, whose Spatial Analysis class alongside MANOS […]

The Effects of Geography on Community Development (Update 3)

Pt 1: How it Ends, the spiel Analysis of the data initially went well. I was able to use my movement cost raster from a project for Spatial Analysis with Professor Maliniak that was meant to serve as the foundation of this project. This let me jump right into making cost distance rasters for my […]

The Effects of Geography on Community Development (Update 2)

Pt 1: What was done As things continue I have finally finished data entry, and also began producing new maps and analysis. The problem I referenced before, of more data points with less accuracy vs less data points with more accuracy I decided toward only using points I had GPS coordinates for (and the rest […]