Final Blog Post

Looking back, I think that I learned a lot more from this project than had originally hoped for. While I’m still working on how to perfect really concise fiction, I think the other areas I was trying to focus on really improved. By reading short story collections and David Foster Wallace’s book Infinite Jest over […]

Nearing the end

Yesterday I finished and submitted my first of two stories to my professor for review. The second story, which hinges on a camp counselor and a young girl getting trapped in a cave together, is nearly done as well. What’s difficult about the remaining work isn’t the writing itself, but deciding how best to end […]

Update 2: Where the Writing Stands

Both short stories I’ve been working on have been coming along nicely, and frankly developed into longer and more involved pieces than I first anticipated. As a result, I think I am going to extend and explore these two stories rather than adding a third story to the mix. Here’s a breakdown of what I […]