Update 2: Where the Writing Stands

Both short stories I’ve been working on have been coming along nicely, and frankly developed into longer and more involved pieces than I first anticipated. As a result, I think I am going to extend and explore these two stories rather than adding a third story to the mix. Here’s a breakdown of what I […]

First Month of Creative Writing Research

I spent the first two weeks of my summer in Ireland with my aunt, traveling, writing, and brainstorming ideas for the first┬áthree short stories I would write as the accumulation of my creative writing research. My main goal this summer was to practice writing concise fiction. I have always been more inclined towards lengthy non-fiction, […]

Short Story Collection Abstract

I will be doing a creative writing research project that will culminate in a portfolio of three fictional short stories. The stories will be inspired in part by experiences by the cultural differences I notice during a two week trip to Ireland, as well as ideas of struggle, home, and growth inspired by my aunt, […]