Global Health Update 2: Narrowing Down My Topic

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Since my initial update about my exploration of medical volunteering, I have shifted my broader focus to include sustainability of actors besides NGOs and medical schools, which are the primary providers of medical volunteers. Now, I have overviewed and mapped out the key players in global health, which my research has revealed to be: Multilateral institutions […]

Medical Volunteering: First Research Update

I spent the first week of my research conducting a broad overview of volunteer tourism. After reading and synthesizing many articles, I decided to hone in on medical volunteer tourism, as I found the articles related to it the most interesting. I devoted this past week to conducting more research on medical volunteering. Currently, I […]

Abstract: Negative Effects of Volunteer Tourism

For the past semester, I have been investigating potential consequences of volunteer tourism. Research on volunteer tourism typically focuses on the participant’s perspective. However, members of the host communities are in the best position to discuss the long-term effects of short-term volunteer tourist projects. While I still need to further investigate the literature to narrow […]