Final Summary

And so it ends… Initially, I went into this summer planning on researching the ways in which physics and religion were similar.  As the summer progressed, I realized that my initial plan was insane.  My topic was too broad, and I didn’t have a clear goal in mind.  I guess that’s what happens when your […]

Approaching the Finish Line

Well, I’m getting close to finishing! I’ve done all my reading, and now I’m just working on putting everything together.  To be quite honest, I’ve been feeling how little writing I did last year.  The structure of the final paper has been giving me some trouble.  Part of me wants to organize it by time […]


Finally finished reading through Ideas and Opinions, a collection of Einstein’s essays, letters, and speeches.  Thankfully, the book is thematically organized, so I was able to avoid some of the less useful writings (for example, “Reply to the Women of America”).  However, that still left about half the book–an entire section was about religion, and […]