Summary Post

The project ended up being much more about direct democracy in Oregon than it did about New Judicial Federalism – but that’s okay. As it turned out, not only was information on Oregon’s ballot measures easier to access (and that’s a low bar – Oregon Bluebook needs to update their website), but there was so much […]

Direct Democracy Graphs

This one is going to be mostly tables and graphs (need to break it up with some visuals, right?) – so here’s what I’ve been able to come up with: Figure 1A Figure 1B Figure 2 Figure 3 One thing that’s interesting about these is you can see that generally speaking, the referendum has been […]

Researching Direct Democracy

As it turned out, researching Oregon’s system of direct democracy was a much bigger task than I expected. I decided that the best way to go about my project was to collect data on all of Oregon’s ballot measures – did you know that Oregon has put 861 measures on the ballot since it started […]