Update 3: Final Results and Reflection on the Research Process

The sequences have finally been fully edited, and the BLAST tool has been used to determine the organism that the sample likely came from. 2 different genes were sequences for each sample, and sometimes those 2 gene sequences returned different results, with one saying that the sample came from some organism and the other saying […]

Update 2: Learning New Scientific Laboratory Techniques for My Project

Since deciding to change my project, I have been learning a lot in the lab here at the Smithsonian. Dr. Allen Collins has been helping me learn every step of what I will need to do for my project, including trying to identify species from their morphology, DNA extraction, PCR, gel electrophoresis, DNA cleaning, DNA […]

Update 1: Issues with my Old Project and Information on My New Project

Originally my project involved looking at gene expression in the coral species¬†Acropora millepora¬†in response to changes in pH. The coral that I chose to work with is unfortunately one of the most difficult corals to keep alive; I still decided to choose it because there is a lot of research already done on it and […]