My Summer as an Organic Chemist Continued (Post 3)

The conclusion to my summer Monroe research was a positive one. We ended the research period with enough sample to perform biochemical analyses on. It was exciting having something tangible to show for the long hours spent in the lab this summer, and I am looking forward to hearing the results of the testing.   […]

My Summer as an Organic Chemist Continued (Post 2)

It has been a long time since I last posted, I apologize. I studied abroad this summer directly after completing my Monroe research time period and was completely absorbed in that. I will detail in this post what was accomplished since my last post, during the last week of research. My previous blog post was […]

My Summer as an Organic Chemist

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My research this summer has focused on finding novel routes to synthesize natural products. Natural products are chemical compounds that are produced by living organisms and are found to occur in nature. Typically, when extracted from their natural source, it is only possible to isolate small amounts of these natural products. This is why organic […]