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Abstract: An Application of Thoreau to Summers at Camp

Starting at about this time each year for the past ten years, as winter drags on interminably, I dream about summer camp.  I spent every August of my early adolescence living in the woods of rural South-West New Hampshire at Camp Takodah. My work on the staff prompted thinking about why it is that this […]

Reading Thoreau to Pollan

Narrowing down my literary sources to a manageable number was surprisingly challenging, considering my initial worries about finding enough material for this project! I ultimately decided to focus not on food literature in general, which is a vast genre spanning everything from restaurant reviews to chefs’ memoirs to advertising on food packaging to cookbooks, but […]

Abstract – Creative Nonfiction Inspired by the San Juan Islands

Inspired by Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and the nature-oriented but human-focused nature of her writing, I intend to pursue a similar writing style and process in an effort to create a work that aspires to her level of reflection, while at the same time developing my personal creative nonfiction writing style. At the […]