PVDF Printer: Summary

We figured out how to print and then pole PVDF in separate processes, we figured out how to make a ceramic Olsson block, and we designed a 3D printer that could print PVDF while poling at high potentials, but couldn’t make all of the parts of the 3D printer work together in concert to make a sample that was printed and poled simultaneously. However, Nate, Doyle, and I will continue to work on this project this fall and are hopeful that we will quickly be able print piezoelectric PVDF with our 3D printer, and then figure out how to optimize our printer to produce more complicated piezoelectric structures than just a flat sheet.


Also, I am sorry that all of these are coming out as late as they are, but we wanted to make sure that we would not be invalidating any intellectual property rights of anyone involved by publishing these blog posts.