MFC Summary

In June I set out to create a fuel cell powered by the cyanobacterium spirulina. As of now I am still working towards this goal. My first step was to read up on the current state of the literature. From various academic papers I cobbled together the design of the type of fuel cell I plan to make, a double chambered, non-air cathode, non-mediated cell, and learned the theory behind this type of energy producing device. From there I designed and 3d printed the casing of my fuel cell and ordered and grew a culture of spirulina. Thanks to multiple set backs in my algal culture I have yet to reach the construction and testing phase of my project, however, I have explored other side avenues of my topic, such as the feasibility of creating a desalination device using spirulina, and the capabilities of spirulina as a food source. While this summary is my last blog post, I do plan on continuing my research on my own into the school year, and hopefully in the next few months I will have a working fuel cell.