MFC Update #7 Future Steps

Thanks to the sudden death of my algae, my research did not progress as far as I had hoped this summer, and I was ultimately unable to achieve my end goal of constructing and testing my fuel cell. However, even as the summer comes to a close, I plan to continue my research. I have ordered a new algal culture, and I will do everything the same as last time, keeping a close eye on the algae’s temperature. Hopefully they will form a biofilm on the cathode again and I will be able to produce a working fuel cell.

Since my last culture died, I have been looking through the videos I recorded for my final video to see what sections I have complete, such as the nutrition/taste test portion, and what sections need more footage. This has been helpful as I realize I need more establishing footage of the initial preparation/growth of the algae, which I will be able to get with the new culture. My video obviously won’t be finished until I wrap up my project, but I hope to have a rough cut of some sections to show at the research showcase next month.