Revising my Final Paper (Update 7)

I have now finished my first draft of my final paper and received feedback from my research advisor! All that I have left to do for the final product is to edit the draft according to my advisor’s notes. In addition to the various grammatical edits and suggestions, he suggested the following overarching ideas for editing: 


  1. Remove passages that are repetitive and unnecessary
    • Remove “guidepost” language
    • Remove repeated points
  2. Edit the conclusion
    • Include ways that the research could be furthered
  3. Expand the ideas about the “humble Czech man”
    • Look into the writings, speeches, etc. of Václav Havel
    • Get a stronger idea of “Czechness”
    • May need to be done in a later version of this paper, rather than in this current editing phase
  4. Make a stronger distinction between my own ideas and those of other researchers


In the next few days, I will work on making these revisions and then post a final summary blog of the project. I anticipate that I will need to make the revision of (3) at a later time, due to time restraints. I plan on continuing to edit and add to this paper with my advisor over the semester, so many of the current revisions are to reach a point where I have a good draft for the purposes of the Monroe project. 

I decided to begin (and end) my paper by discussing the following quote by Janáček:


“My latest creative period is a new jet from my soul which has made its peace with the world and seeks only to be near the humble Czech man.”

Leoš Janáček

I start the paper with the question: “what is the humble Czech man?” Throughout the paper, I study The Cunning Little Vixen in the context of the Czech national identity, which includes the concepts of Czech style, “Czechness,” and nationalism. In this discussion, I suggest what might be meant by the “humble Czech man.” I think that this quote and question have helped to tie together the paper and synthesize my ideas in the way that I had hoped. For this reason, I chose to title my final paper (and project): “The Humble Czech Man”: Czech National Identity in Janáček’s The Cunning Little Vixen.