Atlanta Metro Booming Update 4

I had thought that my data cleaning was finished, but it was not. My poor personal computer works very slowly in the GIS software, so I decided to trim down all the data outside the metro Atlanta region. After doing so, I imported data mapping the interstate highways in the region, and got to work mapping some of the trends I am looking to explore. I will be able to explore trends on race, age, income, education status, nationality, and more. For now, I will leave you with proportion of the population that is white from 1960 to 2010. The darker the color, the higher the proportion of people living in the area that are white. The scale remains the same in each picture, but the size of the area defined as metro Atlanta has grown significantly in the past 60 years. In purple are major highways in the region.














An interesting thing I noticed in the 2010 map is that major highways seem to correlate with lower white populations, relative to the surrounds. There are many factors that could explain this trend, which I do not have the capability to guess at, but it stood out to me as I looked at this map. Another massive thing to notice is how the nonwhite population has spread across the region over this time frame. In 1960, it was highly concentrated to just a few neighborhoods in the city of Atlanta. Now, much more of the region has substantial nonwhite populations, including many suburban areas.