Roadblock to Full Corpus

As I embarked upon this research, I knew finding my films would be difficult, but not this difficult…

Like I said last time, the Swem librarians have been incredible help to me this summer, but Paul sent some bad news today. Apparently, there are 3 films about the life of Joan of Arc that are just unfindable. It appears as if I must go on without them, though the good people at Swem said they would keep a lookout for me.

It’s wild to me that these film are proving so difficult to find. I understand that they were originally films that people would watch for pleasure, but since they are based on a real person/historical, I anticipated that they would be accessible on a database, somewhere.

Joan of Arc is so important still, almost 600 years later, to the people of France and the world, and not being able to have a full corpus, even though these films are documented as existing, is frustrating.

In the meantime, interlibrary loan has been amazing, and I have been able to find lots of biographical information as I begin to understand the┬áhistorical background before watching the films, but more on that later…


  1. Carrington Metts says:

    Your research seems very interesting, and I hope you’re able to find all of the films you need! How many have you been able to definitively track down so far? And do you have a backup plan for if you are unable to find enough? I saw in another post that you’ve been reading accounts of her trial and life. Would you consider expanding your research to focus on not just perceptions of Joan of Arc in film, but also in narrative?

  2. Carrington, thank you for your comment! I have compiled 13 of the total 16 French films narrating the life of JOA. I will have plenty to work with in case the three I am missing are unfindable, but I would really love to work with a full corpus, because I think the conclusions I would be able to draw would be much more generalizable.
    Unfortunately, just the project of looking at her portrayals in film and connecting that to French feminism throughout the ages is enough of a project for a full year-long Honors Thesis, so I won’t be able to look at other narratives, though I wanted to at the beginning. It is simply unrealistic.

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