Zebra Finches Update 2

This week one clutch of my finches has hatched. I am working daily to record their masses and comb through the video data from the nest box camera files. From this, I will be able to record how often they beg and how often the parent visits the nest. On day 5, when they begin vocalizing, I will record their calls to analyze against the calls of those which were treated with mercury.



This is what they look like on day 3 when they are begging. As you can see, they orient their head upwards to be fed and open their mouths, although their eyes are not yet opened. The palates on their mouths have black dots which help the mother to see where to insert the food.


This week I will be continuing with what I did last week. Hopefully, some of the birds with the mercury treatment will begin laying eggs so that I have data to compare.