Preparing for Geologic Mapping in Central Virginia

Geology is inherently a fieldwork driven science. Many of the answers I seek to my geologic research questions won’t be found in a lab or book. Instead, my project will feature hundreds of hours of on site research within my study area. The goal of this project (to map the Gladstone quadrangle in central Virginia) can only be achieved through sample collection and outcrop identification while working on the ground.

As the month of May winds down, our research gaggle is preparing to begin our mapping endeavors. I will be traveling down to Williamsburg on Friday to meet with my research associates and plan several transects throughout our study area. These transects will include areas of intrinsic interest and will also include a float down the James River. The vans will be gassed up, food bought, and cell phones charged (Despite no cell service in the area!) before heading out on Sunday, June 2nd to Gladstone, Virginia. From there we will begin to conduct or fieldwork and settle in for 5 days of camping and science!