Analysis of Cloud Seeding Compounds

The most common clouding seeding compound used in the Wasatch Mountains is silver iodide (AgI). The goal of my project is to determine the degree of accumulation of these analytes in high mountain lakes. To determine the concentration of this substance in my samples, I will be using atomic absorption spectroscopy to test for the presence of silver ions. I chose this technique due to its high sensitivity as it is capable of detecting concentrations in the ppm to ppb ranges. Prior to analyzing my samples, I will construct a Beer’s law calibration curve using silver solutions of known concentration. Interpolation of this curve will allow me to deduce the concentration of my samples with a high degree of accuracy.

This data will allow me to determine whether AgI concentration in a lake correlates to its distance from a ground based cloud seeding generator. Additionally, I can determine whether the concentrations pose any threat to local flora and fauna.