Water Sample Collection

I have finally completed collecting water samples from high-alpine lakes in the Wasatch Mountains in Park City, UT. In total, I have collected 16 samples from, each from a different lake. Many were located in and around ski resorts, and accessing them was a fairly straightforward day hike of approximately 5 miles. However, using google earth, I was able to locate a few water sources deep in the backcountry, and those locations required one or more days of backpacking to reach them. Most of the lakes had preexisting trails allowing for easy access, but there were several in which I had to bushwhack to get to.

The collection phase was incredibly enjoyable, and I was able to see some of Utah’s most remote and beautiful locations. Now that I am back in Williamsburg, I plan to analyze my samples to determine the concentrations of cloud seeding chemicals that may be present.IMG_0969

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