The Groundwork

So far, my project has come along well.  I created my survey in Qualtrics and worked through it myself before releasing it to others.  Once this was complete, I reached out to language professors here at the College and asked them to please share my survey.  I also reached out to the study abroad program director and asked if she could send out my survey as well.  Already, I’ve gotten quite a few responses from those in the classes here at William and Mary, which is wonderful and I’m so happy people are completing the survey.  Those who are traveling abroad, I kindly asked if they could complete the survey towards the end of their experiences as then I will have better and more accurate data.  Personally, I will be keeping track of my language learning experience while I am abroad and compare it to my time in the classroom and I will then have great insight into the answer to my question and I will hopefully be gathering a lot of responses from my fellow classmates going abroad.  I have already started gaining insight to learning language in the classroom compared to studying abroad and I’m excited to see the final results.

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