Abstract: How We Care: An analysis of the efficacy and administration of non-profit health care organizations

Health care has been an increasingly controversial topic in the United States political arena over the past several years. As the health care system changes, the proportion of uninsured Americans fluctuates. Because the cost of health care in the United States is so high, low income Americans who do not have insurance often have extremely limited access to medical care. In some cases, this can be a life-threatening problem. Non-profit organizations and clinics throughout the country work to help these patients get the care they need, regardless of their ability to pay. This project is designed to analyze how these organizations and clinics are able to help people. Specifically, I will look into the population dynamics of people who utilize these clinics, as well as the doctors who volunteer their time and skills, providing pro-bono care to patients in need. I will study the administration of non-profit organizations to better understand how they gather a clientele, how they maintain adequate funding, and how they incentivize doctors to work with them.   To do this, I will work closely with a non-profit organization of called We Care in my hometown, Tallahassee, Florida. I will also research how similar organizations function throughout the country, and study the costs, benefits, and nuances of maintaining these organizations. The culmination of this research will be a detailed journal, as well as a poster that consolidates the information I have experienced and researched. I hope to elucidate some of the shadowy areas of understanding regarding health care, and to contribute to the global knowledge of how the United States (or, more specifically, the people of the United States) are working to care for those who have been left out of the system. Perhaps with better understanding, we will be able to provide even better care in the future.

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