Abstract: Original EP

My project is rather straightforward: I will be creating an EP of 5-7 original songs. This process begins with the writing and arranging of original music, and culminates in the recording and production of each song. The end product will be an EP released on Spotify and via CD. The songs themselves are primarily centered around guitar and voice, although there are also elements of viola, cello, piano, flute, and percussion used throughout the pieces.  A unique aspect of my project is that, due to the need to bring in student musicians for recording purposes, I have already been working on the recording process throughout this semester. The songs themselves are completely written and arranged, and the recording process is nearly finished. I aim to use the summer to produce the songs, with the hope that the final product is of extremely high quality. The album will be released by the end of the summer, and will be accompanied with an as-yet-undecided album name and artwork. I hope to use my blog primarily to share versions of the songs as they are worked on, with accompanying insight into the nature of the process.

Attached is a midi file for one of my compositions, a piece titled “Man With My Name”. Please note that this file is not a recording, and that the vocal melody is represented by a piano for ease of arrangement. The recorded version, with actual instruments and vocals, will be significantly better. Please enjoy!

MWMN Final

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