Abstract: Individualism as a Moderator of the Relationship between Conscientiousness and Job Satisfaction

Culture is a socially constructed heritage that can impose profound influence on people’s psychology. I would like to study how one of the major cultural dimensions: individualism vs. collectivism, moderates the relationship between conscientiousness and job satisfaction. Since previous research has derived a general positive correlation between conscientiousness and job satisfaction, I am interested in expanding on the field of research by taking cultural factors into consideration. Specifically, I hope to investigate into whether the relationship between conscientiousness and job satisfaction is stronger for people exposed to cultures which value individualism over collectivism. To carry out the research, I will distribute questionnaires online to people from different ethnic backgrounds and ask them to identify themselves as either individualist or collectivist. Participants will be scored on conscientiousness and self-report their levels of job satisfaction. From the research, I will analyze the data and gain some insight into whether culture can mediate the relationship between personality trait and job satisfaction.

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