Abstract: Augmenting Human Capabilities With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Computing


Hi all,

My summer research project aims at investigating human-computer interaction and how recent developments in Augmented Reality (AR) devices have the ability to revolutionize the way we work, play, and socialize with each other. I will also investigate the disruptive potential they have for traditional personal computing and manufacturing tools. I’ll have to research the hardware and software of these devices to learn how the architecture works. I’ll also be comparing the advantages and limitations of AR vs traditional devices with 2-dimensional screen displays.

Additionally, I want to take a look at how we can use 3-dimensional computing to enhance STEM education. I’ll investigate how it can aid the creation of complex systems and simulations with 3-D design software. A few questions I’ll focus on include: Is AR a hacker/developer friendly platform in its current state, especially for creative, underprivileged youth, without access to scarce or expensive resources? Along the same lines, can AR devices accelerate the personal manufacturing revolution?

Cheers! đŸ™‚