Direct Democracy Graphs

This one is going to be mostly tables and graphs (need to break it up with some visuals, right?) – so here’s what I’ve been able to come up with:

Figure 1A

Figure 1B

Figure 2

Figure 3

One thing that’s interesting about these is you can see that generally speaking, the referendum has been much more popular in Oregon – at least, there have been a lot more of them that have been put on the ballot than initiatives. Yet this is the opposite of what usually happens elsewhere. In┬ámost states, the initiative dominates the referendum (presumably because the citizens are more involved in drafting the language of an initiative).

It’s also interesting to look at how variable the constitutional amendments are – and that’s averaged over a decade too, so you’d think it would get more stable, especially as you move into the later decades when there are more frequent elections, and so you don’t have the same small sample size problem as you do when in the 1900s.