That’s a Wrap!

Summer Holiday (well, at least this version of it) is officially done!

I never would have thought that this process would be as involved as it was. I even simplified quite a bit from my original plan, and I still ended up in a bit over my head. I didn’t at all anticipate having to help with the art, but I’m actually really glad I did! I’m nowhere near the artist that Maggie is–I’m not even sure I can rightly call myself an artist–but I feel like I improved a lot just in the course of the handful of pictures I did for this project.

This was also by far the longest score I have ever written, and I am so proud of the result! I think the music fits the scenes well and reinforces and enhances their emotion-exactly what they should do!

So now the question is: What’s the future? I’m excited to share my video at the Research Seminar in September! I’ll be anxious to receive advice and comments from those who watch my video, and I’ll see what people think about posting it in a public domain like Youtube or another similar service. Since I spent so much time on it, I definitely want people to see it!


  1. I agree with what you said about research in general; even though my project was in the economics department, one of the things I learned was that research always takes longer than you think it will. I too had to simplify my project and still felt a little overwhelmed even then. In such a short time period, such as this project was supposed to be conducted over, the focus of the research is almost more on the process than the result itself. Good luck at the Symposium!