Final post: An inclusivity audit for the Science Museum of Virginia

I turned in my final report to my supervisor a few weeks ag0. I am currently waiting to hear feedback on what I produced. In the meantime, I have been reflecting on what I accomplished and planning more work with the museum for the fall semester.

The report I wrote, given its breadth, did not go in too deep on any one area. While I did collect some quantitative data related to gender, culture, and physical accessibility in exhibit design and some qualitative observation data, the main thrust of the report was intended to provide an array of ideas for the museum. In the end I wrote a total of 15 recommendations for the museum, organized by timeline (within six months, within one year, and one year or longer) and how structural the changes would be. There are several¬†areas I am interested in pursuing further like making the museum multilingual, funding unpaid internships to address entry-level socioeconomic barriers in the museum field, developing holistic data collection capacity on visitor demographics and attitudes regarding the museum, and many more. I hope to pursue some of the work on multilingualism in the fall semester by working with professors in the Linguistics department. I also plan to work on advocating for linguistics as a science by having at least one linguist present at the museum’s weekly lunchtime lecture series in the spring.