Final Post

I’ve had a great time taking photos this summer. 100+ medium format rolls, 250+ negative preserver sheets, 2 film binders, 300 GB of scans, and 100+ hours of scanning alone, I have a body of work that I am pleased with. Click this link see a zine containing some of my best work from the summer.

The biggest lesson I learned this summer was that in photography, following my instincts leads me right almost all the time. I made so many last-minute decisions to go places or to take photos, and I can’t think of one that didn’t pay off. From taking a last-minute trip to Oregon to driving straight down to my childhood home in San Jose, I found that just trusting myself and putting the time in yields great results.


  1. I looked through some of the pictures on your Flickr and they really made me think. The scenes you shot were provocative and beautiful and still commonplace. I think you did a really amazing job with this project. (Just so you know, the link you had posted to your zine didn’t work when I clicked on it!)