Update 2: Where the Writing Stands

Both short stories I’ve been working on have been coming along nicely, and frankly developed into longer and more involved pieces than I first anticipated. As a result, I think I am going to extend and explore these two stories rather than adding a third story to the mix.

Here’s a breakdown of what I have so far.

The first story is a narrative written in a sort of snapshot style about a woman’s life, based loosely on the life of my aunt. I am trying to capture moments in a girl’s life that lead her to become a woman who relies on men to make her feel valuable . Obviously there is more to this woman’s life than men, but the fact that she essentially feels she needs permission to like herself leads to a loneliness that taints her whole life, and so her relationships and the dialogue surrounding them are the focus of the story. In the editing process I hope for these themes to become more clear.

The second story is a more light-hearted narrative, told from the alternating perspectives of a 12-year-old girl and and her twenty-year-old camp counselor. The climax of the story occurs when the two get injured and trapped during a summer camp caving trip. I also wanted to explore the insecurities that tend to afflict young women in this story, especially through the lense of fear. I think you could argue insecurities often are nothing more than a fear of being who we are, of living in various day to day situations we feel ill-equipped for. I wanted to contrast their internal fearful monologues with a situation that is actually life threatening. I think those real life-or-death fears are interesting because we don’t often experience them anymore, and I think people find they can confront them better because they are tangible. The cave situation is also an interesting one to explore because it inspires a degree of compassion in both characters that isn’t there when their fears revolve around themselves(Am I good enough, why can’t I be like this person, will I succeed, etc etc.)

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