Summer Holiday 1


Despite my tardiness in posting my first blog post, work on Summer Holiday has been going very well! With help from Professor Melfi and a few friends, I crafted a final version of the story/script for the short film. In the interest of maintaining good pacing within the story as well as easing the load on my artist, I decided to make the diary entries cover 10 days instead of 14. With the final real-time day, this makes an 11-day video. I think this will be a good length, especially since it already looks as though this video will be about 20-30 minutes long!

The first three days have been recorded from the script and edited. In addition, art for the entirety of Day 1 and about half of Days 2, 3, and 4 has been completed.

This project led me to a purchase I never thought I would make: a USB drawing tablet! Though I’m not much of an artist, I can’t help but geek out about how cool this thing is. I got it so that I’ll be able to help Maggie complete some of the less demanding pieces, particularly those that focus on landscapes or inanimate objects.

I’m really excited with where this project is heading. In about 5 days, my boyfriend’s brother, Dan, who will be doing the voiceover for my antagonist, will be in town and will record his portions of the script. I can’t wait to see what his voice acting adds to the overall piece!

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