Update 3: Wrapping Up

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on writing the paper that aggregates all of my research into a neat little package. Organizing all of my notes and turning them into a paper has been the hardest part of the process. While I thoroughly enjoyed reading articles on sustainability in global health, I am slightly less enthusiastic about writing on the topic. My final paper is descriptive in nature. I split up my paper into three broad categories: Global Health Public-Private Partnerships (GHPPPs); Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (a notable GHPPP); and health systems strengthening (HSS) within Gavi. I formatted my paper as a Q&A to make the info more digestible. For example, my section on GHPPPs poses and answers the following questions:

  1. What are global health public-private partnerships?
  2. What are the benefits of global health public-private partnerships in development?
  3. What challenges do global health public-private partnerships face?
    • Insufficient Alignment with Country Systems and Other Partners
    • Vertical Approach at the Expense of Health Systems
  4. What are general suggestions for improving global health public-private partnerships?
    • Country Ownership and Transition Planning
    • Health Systems Strengthening and a Diagonal Approach

Initially, I planned to conduct content analysis on how Gavi funds HSS, modeling the analysis on a study I use in my research that analyzes reports from Gavi’s website to see how Gavi allocates HSS funding. The study uses documents from 2006-2013, so I intended to use the same methodology on more current documents. However, I recently realized that I wouldn’t have time to write the descriptive part of my research, conduct content analysis, and then write about the content analysis. Although I was looking forward to that part of the project, I understand that I can use my idea in a future independent study/honors project. I would love to complete that portion of my initial plan because it involves more individual analysis, whereas my current project is very descriptive in nature.

Research has taken me longer than expected because I changed my topic more than once. Originally, my topic was volunteer tourism in general, focusing on host communities and how they perceive volunteer tourists. However, because I enjoyed reading about medical volunteer tourism, my topic narrowed to medical volunteer tourism. When reviewing the literature about medical volunteer tourism, I enjoyed reading about ethical constraints, so I narrowed my topic to the ethical constraints of medical volunteer tourism. One of the biggest ethical constraints is sustainability of projects, so I began to investigate sustainability in global health, which led me to GHPPPs and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Gavi succeeds in promoting sustainability through co-financing and country ownership, thus making recipient countries prioritize vaccination. However, Gavi’s other attempts at sustainability, such as health systems strengthening, are questionable because of improper implementation.

I am thankful that the Monroe project has allowed me the time to really enjoy the research process and change my topic when I have wanted to. Because research papers I write for classes are under a much shorter time constraint, I usually pick one topic and stick with it even if my interests change. Moreover, I have enjoyed having the time to read such a wide variety of literature on the topic. My bibliography for my final paper is significantly longer than the bibliographies of papers that I write for classes.


  1. rjschwartz says:

    Hi Nada! Congratulations on being in the final stage of research- your project sounds really interesting! I can definitely relate to the way your project changed throughout the summer. I also had to change or adapt my project throughout the summer and I wasn’t able to include some information that I had originally hoped I could put in. It sounds like your paper is still going to be great and really informative. How did you settle on focusing on Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance? Good luck wrapping things up!