Trying to Pull it all Together

Since my last post, I started working on the final products for my research.  I now have a draft of my paper, which I am in the process of revising.  I also have the beginnings of a short video about GDP and its alternatives.  Both of these products have been difficult in their own ways.

I have taken a lot of notes throughout the summer, so it has been a challenge to figure out which details to include and how to organize and analyze them in the paper.  It’s a little frustrating that some of the materials I read through I had to read through in order to know that I wouldn’t include them in the paper.  I think that is just the nature of research, though!  It has also been funny to realize that some things I want to include in my paper, because I remember reading them, I haven’t actually taken notes on, so I have gone back to find the citations.  In addition, as I have been writing my paper, there have been a few sections for which I realized I wanted to include more detail, for example, what is included in some of the alternative measures.  I have gone back and done some extra research to fill in those gaps too.

It has also been interesting trying to figure out how to consolidate my research even more so that it fits into a coherent video.  I have one draft of a voice over script, but I plan to adjust it too as I make some adjustments to my paper.  I have also been working on some very simple animations – those will definitely need some adjusting too!

I’m looking forward to having everything finalized soon!


  1. Cassandra Chang says:

    It’s really neat how you have a video to summarize your research! It’s such a different media and requires a much different approach to the paper. Is your video based on your paper, or is it more focused on a particular aspect of your research? I completely understand the struggle to go back and look for evidence that seems to have not made it into the notes!

  2. Thanks! My video is loosely based on my paper – I tried to pull out the main points and simplify them for the video, but that inevitably means I focus on some things a little more than others. I focused a little bit more on visualizing some of the alternative measures, which was a different way of analyzing them than I did in my paper. It’s in my most recent blog post if you’re interested in watching!

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