Week 5 Update: “Fully” Functioning

I finally have a fully functioning website!  New users can easily register in less than a minute.  Once registered, they can submit articles for the website.  Also by registering, they can submit comments on articles or they can just submit comments by giving their email without having to create an account.  The whole login set up was by far the most tedious task so far on the project.  I spent a portion of a week and a half trying to solve the problem, trying numerous different plug-ins.  The problem was that you could register an account, but then users weren’t getting emails to setup passwords, meaning there was no way to login.  Eventually I discovered the problem had been caused by the first plug-in I had checked out when the problem arose.  Needless to say, I was very annoyed, but also greatly relieved when the problem was finally solved.

However, I still have a significant amount of work left to do.  In terms of content and users, I only have 13 articles so far, and about 15 users.  While I have had about 1k total traffic on the website, that number has been declining since I started advertising the website two weeks ago.  In the last two weeks, I will be mainly focusing on creating more content and looking for other groups to advertise to.  I will also need to monitor to make sure no new errors arise.  After fixing the login issue, I spent a lot of time making sure users could access the right content.  Additionally, I may still change some of the website aesthetics in the coming weeks.

Overall the past three weeks, despite the login difficultly, have been a lot of fun.  I was so glad when the website was “fully” functioning.  I certainly believed I could do it, but as web design is not my area of expertise, I had my doubts.

Website: myhouserules.net

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