Interesting Finds while Coding

I am starting to see more specific trends as I go into coding my interviews. I see where, after talking with administrators, issues that students brought up have been or are in the process of being addressed. I see that the administrators want to collaborate not only with other offices, but with the students. Students often express feeling like they don’t have a voice or a say in policy feedback or resource implementation, but administrators have often said that they value student feedback because they believe student interaction and connection is important for survivors and is better received. They also express an understanding that students know the climate of the campus better. I’m starting to see that some of the tension that I see often around William & Mary’s campus and have heard in these interviews between administrators and students on other campuses is partly due to misinformation, being uninformed, or unclear communication from both sides.

In regards to misinformation, I have talked to students from the same school who have had completely different opinions about how their school deals with sexual assault reports and cases. After asking further questions to try to understand their viewpoints, I realized that they were giving me different information about the same policy or resource. Both were speaking from personal experience, and it seemed to me that one might be more informed than the other, despite both holding positions in which they would be expected to know these things. I’m very interested in this tension because I think there’s a lot to be analyzed from just this one piece of information that could speak to part of why students, as a whole, feel the way they do about their schools’ resources and policies.

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