Abstract: EP of Original Works

This summer, I am creating a four song Extended Play album of original musical works. Over eight weeks , I will write, produce and record the EP. I will spend one week writing and one week recording each song on the EP. Working for eight weeks on this EP will further my creative development as a writer and producer, and I believe that the final product will aid me in my future musical endeavors.

Although I have not yet written the songs,  the content will draw from my own experiences with anxiety and isolation in the busy environment of the College. It is important to me that I access emotion through the technicality of details, building upon my music education both from and outside of the college. Musically, I hope to structure complex yet accessible melodic lines. My production will feature substantive mid-range counterpoints and backgrounds to support these melodies.  I also hope to use this project to assess my musical and lyrical writing style. I have written music in the past from a variety of genres, and my vision for this EP is to produce a cohesive sound. My EP will be digitally released as the final product.

Through releasing this EP digitally, I also hope to learn more about producing an EP as a whole. I hope to learn more about the non-musical endeavors that go into creating an EP. This will include making the visually creative decisions regarding album artwork, and titling the EP. All of this is to ensure the final product is the most cohesive product it can be.