Update: Research on Catalan Independence Movement

The research is…going. I can’t deny that I wish I had made more progress by now; however, I have found the information I’ve been reading about quite interesting, so that helps. I’ve discovered (or rather, reaffirmed) that I struggle with distant deadlines. I’m most productive under pressure, so perhaps with August looming in the near future, I will start forging ahead at full speed.

Not too long ago, I made a trip to Swem Library to get books after finding that my local libraries had absolutely nothing about my subject, the Catalonian independence movement taking place in Spain. While the complete lack of local material was a bit frustrating and inconvenient, it was also encouraging — because there are so few materials available on this topic (at least in English), I feel as if I’m researching something on which everything has yet to be said. The venture to Swem turned out to be very successful; I checked out seven books, all of which are chockfull of useful information.

The internet, of course, is also key. Because this movement is constantly evolving, recent articles and journals are essential in ensuring that my information is up to date. Most of the books I found in Swem, while helpful, are not particularly contemporary. I think I have one from the 2010s; most date back to the ’90s. I’m hoping to incorporate other sources if I can find them — a podcast, maybe, or a documentary. That’s the plan if I have adequate time after combing through my multitude of bookmarked internet pages and books.

I think the structure of my paper is pretty much laid out, so that’s good. I adapted some of the topics from the “Nations Without States: Catalonia” class that I took in Barcelona during the spring semester and then added and/or modified as I saw fit. The structure may need some tweaking, but it’s a foundation at least. As a refresher, by studying the history, culture, and economic structure of Spain versus its autonomous region of Catalonia, I hope to answer the question of why Catalonia is calling for independence and why it is happening now. Here’s the plan I’ve come up with:

I. Nations, states, definitions, etc.

II. Theories of nationalism

III. History of Catalonia

IV. Arguments for separation and counter arguments

V. Catalan political parties and their respective perspectives on independence

VI. Progress of movement and projections

Again, it may need future tweaking, but I’m happy with it right now. Obviously, each main topic will have plenty of subtopics and will comprise multiple pages. I’m going through source by source at the moment, creating a separate page for each one, and organizing information under the applicable heading. As the days get hotter (and hotter and hotter…), and I’m less inclined to venture into the swampy, sticky mess of the outside world, hopefully I will buckle down and get a draft done and ready for critiquing. I’d like to finish that up over the next two weeks or so, leaving another week for editing.

Hope everyone is experiencing success with their research!


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