And So We’ve Come to the End

With my last first day of classes come and gone, I am sad to finally realize that the summer is officially over. Although it feels as if it passed way too quickly, I am pleased with the amount of research and work that I was able to accomplish. My paper is currently being edited by my amazing advisor, and while I know there are also definitely a few more drafts that need to be completed before it is the best paper it can be, I am proud of what I have written so far. While I feel that I am much more acquainted with the topic of ancient suicide than I was at the beginning of the summer (that may be an understatement), I know that there is much more to be investigated and learned about the subject, and I hope that I may someday have the opportunity to continue my exploration into self-killing in Classical Antiquity. Moving forward, once I have finalized my last draft of my research, I hope to submit my abstract to the undergraduate conference that will be hosted by the Classical Association of the Middle West and South (CAMWS) at William and Mary this spring. If accepted, I will have the opportunity to present my research to my fellow peers in Classical Studies and to gain valuable academic experience. I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity to pursue my passions supported by the Monroe Program and the Charles Center.


  1. maturnansky says:

    I know the summer went by so fast. Great to hear that your research went well. Hopefully your paper will get submitted to the conference.

  2. So sorry that I find your blog before! I have been investigating an iconography of ajax, especially the subject of suicude, for two years already. Now I’m writing on a graduat about iconography of Ajax for my university (don’t really sure that it’s applicable for USA’s education, because I study in Russia)
    And the fact that there are other people in the world, interested in the same theme is really amazing!
    If you have a chance to see this comment, it would be great to discuss our works and all the Ajaxs stuff like sheeps…swords and other things, you know. Hope to hear from you sooner or later.