Conclusions to a Very Productive Summer!

The end of my summer was spent writing and editing my paper on the characterization of Tweety genes during embryonic development. Writing a scientific paper that will be submitted to an academic journal is extremely lengthy process. Not only did I need to concisely present all of the data that I had collected for my project, but I also needed to write a review of all relevant literature on the family. Futhermore, having all of the coauthors review and edit the paper is another necessary, but lengthy step (especially when one author lives in Boston.) In the end the manuscript was submitted by the end of summer and we are awaiting the reviewer’s comments and corrections.

This summer, I really learned what working in a research lab was about. Having been working on this project since its inception it was extremely rewarding to reach a stopping point this summer just as I enter my junior year. There is still so much work to be done just on this one project, and I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned. The research is never done, and the big question will always have littler questions that need to be answered, but I’m happy that I might have provided even the tiniest ounce of an answer to one of those little questions. I’m so excited to see what this project develops into!