The End

I’m now in the 6th week of my project and I have no idea where the time went! I am currently in the final stages of the project and am working to tie up all loose ends. With all of the interviews completed and over half of them transcribed and summarized, I am spending these last two weeks completing transcriptions to send to the participants in order to ensure that they feel their sentiments are being accurately represented. Furthermore, I am almost done with my final paper, as I plan to complete both my results and discussion sections by the end of this week. Thus far I’ve found some interesting results regarding the questionnaires that were administered to the participants. One interesting finding centers on the fact that the sex of my participants positively correlated with their Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure (a measure participant perception of and degree of identification with their ethnic identity) scores, such that females identified much more strongly with being African American than males did. This finding could potentially have serious implications for future research regarding possible relationships between the degree to which someone identifies with a particular ethnic group and their academic performance.

Additionally, the creative aspect of my project is coming together nicely! Out of the 12 potential creative pieces that were planned to be put in the manuscript, 7 are complete and I am currently editing 2 additional poems. Thus far, the poems center on the experiences and feelings participants raised and reported experiencing at various times in their lives. No specific or identifying information is provided in these pieces, however, and each poem works to generalize the individual experiences of the participants in order to make them more accessible to broader audiences.

All in all, I am thrilled with how far this project has come, as well as the many places it is going! Since I plan to continue studying issues of race and colorism in the African American community, particularly in the classroom, I hope to complete an honors thesis using the knowledge and experience that I’ve gained from executing this project.


  1. What an interesting project to read about! I respect the fact that you took on a challenge as difficult to approach as self-perception and its social ramifications, but it seems you have enjoyed the process immensely. The Multigroup Ethnic Identity Measure data provides a fascinating insight into perceived individual and group identities, and your findings seem to be in keeping with the research you dug up to begin this project. Well thought out and well accomplished!

  2. gerudebusch says:

    Glad to read that your research went smoothly; it seems as though your project was a great success in all facets. The results from your questionnaire are very interesting. I think you’re right in that these findings deserve further examination and research. It would be interesting to see if this trend is observable across all ethnicities. Further, I am curious if there is some sort of paper floating around in the literature that may lend support to your hunch, which explains the cause of the GPA trends across sexual lines for African Americans.

    Congratulations on completing your research; best of luck finishing your paper and creative works. Also, best of luck with your thesis – which I’m sure will be just as, and, if not more fascinating than your research presented here.