Post 5 – Conclusions and Future Directions

So—there’s the semi-outcome of my research. I’m looking forward to presenting a more detailed analysis of my research later next month at the research symposium and learning more about the projects everyone else has put together as well! As of now I’m compiling everything into a research paper. It’s been an awesome (though very, very busy) few months and I’ve really enjoyed working on my research, despite some of the trouble I ran into early on. Like I said, I’m really excited about presenting my final conclusions later in the fall.

I’ve also been thinking about a few possible future directions of research. Though the individual data sets I found through the Central Bank aren’t rich enough to really support a research paper on its own, it might make an interesting project to do some rigorous analysis of a number of different data sets they offer that relate to investment and sector performance. Yearly sector investment data is included, as well as a number of other data sets. More detailed FDI data is represented as well—studying FDI flows would make a great addition or continuance of the research (especially after the trade theory class I took last year). Coupled (or perhaps even cross-referenced with, if possible) the sector-level data, it would be great to figure out how the unrest affected foreigners’ confidence levels in the Egyptian market, and whether or not the judgments foreigners made about the viability of different sectors or firms within the Egyptian economy lined up with the judgments Egyptians made as well.