Antisemitism in Modern Spain

Hello everyone! My name is Allyson Zacharoff. I am a junior, majoring in English and European Studies. This past summer I completed a project on antisemitism in modern Spain, a difficult and under-researched issue that I found both fascinating and difficult to read about. Please read my project abstract below:

The academic research of antisemitism in modern Europe unfortunately often overlooks the country of Spain. This unfortunate lack stems from a 500 year lack of any truly significant Jewish community in Spain following the 1492 expulsion edict issued by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. As a result of this action, Spain has since lacked any significant Jewish community. This has led in many cases to ignorance amongst the Spanish people, as many have never knowingly met a member of the Jewish faith. Numerous incidents of outright prejudice over the past few years earned Spain the lowest ranking on a European survey of antisemitic attitudes. As a result, official attempts to reconcile this overwhelmingly Catholic country have taken place, but even greater tolerance education throughout the country is essential so that it can continue to accept members of all faiths.

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