The Final Weeks

FInally, I am ready to sit down and finalize my paper. Throughout the summer, I kept a notebook (coincidentally, green similar to the travel guide) with my notes, citations, and personal reflections. I am glad that I kept such meticulous notes because it makes the final stage that much easier. I look forward to presenting my final project at the exhibition in September.

Outside of the knowledge I gained about the Green Book, I have also fine tuned my analytical and research skills. I walk away from this summer, not only with a thesis that I would like to continue to expand upon during the year but also research tools that will aid me in future projects. It has been a valuable learning experience between my independent travels, hours of database research, and recovering primary sources. I certainly enjoyed these past few weeks and as a result, I am reconsidering my future endeavors. I would like to include more research options whether I go to AMST grad school or law school.