And the editing ends…

New Hong Kong meets its Colonial pastIt has been a while since I’ve posted on the blog…

For those that do not know about my Monroe Project, I went to Hong Kong, China in May. My research question is, to what extent have the Chinese  influenced Hong Kong’s taxation, financial reporting, and business environment functions since over the past 13 years (since the handover to the Chinese).

I met with a lot of interesting folks and had access to volumes of primary documents. After returning to the United States in early June I started to write. 37 drafts later it is finally complete. While the paper was originally proposed at 15 pages, it quickly expanded to over 42. I’ve been able to cut it back by putting in appendices and tables down to 30.  Editing takes a lot of time, considerably more than I budgeted.

A research project is never complete. News breaks constantly and I’ve had to update my paper many times as some fundamental arguments were strengthened/weakened. If I have any advice for my fellow peers is to run a Google News search on your topic weekly to make sure you know everything that has changed since you were last there. Through writing my research project, I’ve realized there is an entirely different research question that I could investigate: How has Hong Kong influenced Mainland, China. I hope to travel back to the Mainland soon to answer that and many new questions.

Please feel free to email me if you have any specific questions!

-alex pouilleHong Kong Waterfront